Google SketchUp

A simple, efficient and free to download here :

Import Autocad (.dwg ou dxf)

The Pro version is limited in time and the most interesting function is not available on the basic version. In order to import a file and use Autocad to view 3 D you must first download the pro version, open a new file, import your CAD and save the previous version. You can then download the 7.1 basis because it is good enough anyway. I advise you to remove as much unnecessary detail in your plans and sections before importing your designs.

Use the software

There are several basic configurations for runs any project. This leaves the choice between different systems of units (Imperial or Metric). Once the software is opened you can choose quickly and once your design, just use the burst in the right click menu of the software to be able to separate the elements of change your basic design.

It has the ability to insert images and draw details from these. A library of texture can be imported apart from some basic textures already very useful.

The highlight is the database objects 3 D that can be directly imported from simple and free way. The possibilities are endless : architectural drawings, cut details, Overview of buildings, construction drafting, design and assembly.


Small house with pool


Slab on screw piles

Autre exemple : (octobre 2013)

intégration d’une terrasse et d’un spa pour une maison.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4